On 23 May, a large number of people attended the inauguration of the first extension to our building.

Organised by Mr Harel, head of economic affairs at the Hautes-Alpes Departmental Economic Development and Tourism Agency, Samuel Memet, Director of RD Group, was delighted to welcome: Mr Rochas, Sub-Prefect, Mr Erber, former Director of RD and elected member of the UPE05, Mme Saudemont and Mr Regord, elected members of the Communauté de Communes du Buech/Devoluy, Mr Eysseric, Deputy Head of Works at Veynes Town Hall, Mr Ricou, Chairman of the CCBD, Mr Chaix, Director of the Hautes-Alpes Development Agency.

As part of the France Relance programme, the new building will enable the company to continue its economic development. It will cover an area of 2,300 m2. Built by Bonhomme Bâtiment, the project is due for completion in spring 2025.

The new space will centralise all production. This will enable us to improve working conditions by incorporating cutting-edge investments made thanks to aid obtained under the French Recovery Plan, and to strengthen our competitiveness.

Thank you all for coming.

Photo credits: © Patrick DOMEYNE/ADDET05