Once your part has been designed by us in close collaboration with you, it is manufactured in our production workshops in Veynes or in Chateau-Renault.
Our qualified production staff have many years’ experience in the boiler-making and mechanical welding trades.

  • We are able to cut, form and weld all refractory alloy parts for heat treatment furnaces.
  • If necessary, and depending on your specifications, your part can be machined for grinding.
  • Your part then undergoes the essential checks before shipping:
  • Dimensional inspection of all our products
  • Additional dimensional checks at the customer’s request
  • Weld inspection by oil penetrant, helium test, thousand-bubble test, pressure test, radiography, etc.
  • Assembly can be carried out at the factory on our premises, or installed on our customers’ sites by our local staff.
  • We take care in packing and shipping your parts.

We realize

  • From simple to complex parts,
  • From a few grams to several tonnes,
  • Single parts or small series.

Production organization

Our priority is to meet deadlines, which is why we use GPAO planning and are committed to a Lean approach in both production and support services. The results of this work are continuously monitored and analysed by our teams.