Other accessories

We have drawn on our years of experience and our knowledge of furnaces and their environment to provide you with :

  • Turbines, we can offer to repair your motors or supply them as a complete package. There are standard products (furnace turbines compatible with T120/T80/T40 type furnaces, for example), but we can also make customised products.
  • Cooling channel & siphons / oven outlet trap. Available in stainless steel or steel on request.
  • Spare parts for gas generators (generator retorts, condensers) which can also be repaired.
  • Seals for the connection flanges of your muffles. Injector augers.
  • Belts/quenching tank extractor/elevators integrated into the heat treatment line, based on a model or design to suit your environment.


Intended for multi-chamber furnaces (‘Batch’ furnaces), they push the load from one zone to another (case hardening to oil quenching, for example). We stock a number of standard models, including sets of two chains with pitches of 41.4 mm and 63.3 mm, in standard alloy, bimetal and reinforced versions. This means we can have a new set of chains delivered to you within a few days. Other, more specific models are also available on request.