RD Technologies, The Partner of the Heat Treatment Professionals

RD Technologies has built its expertise on more than 70 years in the business, between the founding of La Résistance RD in 1947 and the creation of RD Group in 2013. Thanks to its experience, RD Technologies has become a key reference in the heat treatment furnace market, with a great capacity for innovation.

At RD Technologies, innovation and the search for new skills are fundamental values. In 2007, the company chose to change its identity to better reflect this desire to progress and expand into new markets, particularly export markets. In 2013, it continued along this path with the acquisition of C.A.R., a company with complementary expertise and responsiveness in production, further strengthening its competitiveness.

In July 2016, the Galilé group has bought RD Group.
Galilé is an independent industrial group that promotes “French production” and comprises seven business divisions, including energy, nuclear, thermal and materials handling. The group comprises 35 companies, representing more than 1,000 employees.

In a constantly evolving market, RD Technologies continues to develop and strengthen its partnerships in order to offer its customers the best products and services. The company remains committed to its values of innovation, quality and customer satisfaction, which have made its reputation over the years.

CAR, high-temperature boilerwork parts

C.A.R., a specialist boilermaking company, was acquired by RD Technologies at the end of 2013. When it joined us, it became C.A.R. RD group.

The aim of this takeover was not a merger, but rather a pooling of strengths and expertise, with each company retaining its independence.

Discover now our RD Technologies, & CAR products. RD Technologies can also help you with production and repair of parts, intervention on site, storage and securing, and support you on evolution and product improvement.

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